New Year’s Charcuterie Board


Throw a fun party and ring in the new year with this fantastic New Year’s charcuterie board! Endless options of sweet and savory finger foods will keep your guests awake until midnight.

The end of the year is a great time to host a get-together with friends and family in town. I have so many favorite appetizers and recipes that are perfect for entertaining. You can even leave a spot on your board for some of these delicious appetizers. Serve this cheeseball, this easy 5-minute dip, or these air fryer eggrolls.


New Year’s Charcuterie Board

Load up a beautiful new year’s charcuterie board with delicious cheeses, fruit, salami, and all the perfect foods for munching. Enjoy the last night of the year eating and visiting with loved ones gathered around this board. Everyone will LOVE the mini sparkling ciders because they are so cute on the board!

I love charcuterie boards that are both fun and festive and are the highlight of the party. This board is sure to be exciting and satisfying for everyone that gets to enjoy it. Next time you throw a party for a holiday I have you covered. I make them for all of the holidays because they are such a hit with friends and family! The best part about these is that you can easily switch things out to your favorite foods and make them your own! I love this Halloween board, this Valentine’s board, or this fun Christmas board.

Start By Making a Salami Rose

Salami roses are the best way to elevate any charcuterie board, and it is so easy. I walk you through the process step by step. Feel free to do one big one, or make a couple to scatter around the board. It takes a lot of salami, so make sure you have enough before you start. I buy a couple of packages of salami because I want to be prepared. Use a small shallow dish to display the salami rose. It is so visually beautiful. Your guests are going to think it’s so fancy because it is!

  1. Roll Up the First Salami Piece: Start by taking a slice of salami. Roll up the Salami piece.
  2. Wrap Another Piece Around the Seam: Grab another piece of Salame and wrap it around the seam of the rolled-up salami.
  3. Continue to Wrap To Form a Rose: Continue to wrap around the seam with salami until it starts to take a rose shape and look like petals.
  4. Place Into a Bowl: Place in a small bowl to hold the shape and gently fan out the flower.
  5. Add to the Board: Place the flower in the center of the charcuterie board.

Arrange the Fruit and Dried Fruit

The holidays are a perfect time for adding healthier options to feed your guests. Fruit adds vibrant color to your board. Dried fruit adds incredible texture and sophistication to your board. Pick anything you want because your guests will love it. There are so many wonderful fresh fruit and dried fruit options that would look lovely on this board. I love the moody feel that the dried fruit and aged cheeses bring to this New Year’s charcuterie board. Adults appreciate it and will enjoy every single bite. Arrange the fresh fruit and dried fruit pointing towards the flower in the center. Leave space for the cheese and crackers to be scattered in between the fruit.

  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries 
  • Dried Mango

Layer On the Cheese and Crackers

Cheese is part of all classic charcuterie boards, so you can’t skip this step! It not only lends itself to a savory taste, but the texture of cheeses is just so different than anything else on the board. Plus, this is where you can get really creative with the flavors that you choose and then introduce your guests to new flavors. Here is a list of the cheese and crackers that I used for this charcuterie board. Place the cheese and crackers pointing towards the flower in the center. Fill in the spaces you left so the fruit, cheese, and crackers alternate in options. Then use the letter cutouts for the Havarti cheese that I linked below.


  • Garlic and Herb Bellavitano
  • Manchego
  • Garlic and Herb Brie
  • Fig and Grapefruit Goat Cheese
  • Havarti Happy New Year Cut-out
  • Letter Cheese Cutter


  • Round Butter Crackers
  • Nut Thin Crackers
  • Rectangular Snack Crackers

Always Include Chocolate On Your Board

This is my kids’ favorite part of any holiday charcuterie board that I make… the treats! After all, you are staying up late, so you’ll definitely want a late-night sugar fix. You can use any kind of chocolate that you love! Making this during the holidays is convenient because you most likely already have chocolate or candy in your house. Sweet is a must with all these savory snacks. Add in the chocolate candy all throughout the board where space needs to be filled.

  • Rolo Wrapped Chocolate
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds 
  • Ferrero Rocher

Fill in with Pickles and Almonds

Additional snacks like miniature dill pickles and raw almonds are delicious on your board. The salty pickles and crunchy nuts go perfectly with the cheese and salami. Everyone will fight over the pickles because cute little versions of food are so fun! You can also use savory-flavored almonds to mix things up. Snacking on this charcuterie board throughout the night will be the highlight of your New Year’s party. Fill in spaces and edges with the pickles and almonds.

  • Miniature Snacking Pickles
  • Almonds

Finish Off the Board With New Year’s Props

The fun New Year’s items are the best part of this charcuterie board! It completes the board by making it so festive. Gather your items ahead of time while everything is in stock and available. And if you see anything else that you want to add then get it, because the more the merrier! These are the best finishing touches to your board. Arrange the sparkling cider and disco balls on and also beside the board for your guests. Then display the cheese letters with “happy new year” along the top of the board.

Tips for Building Your Charcuterie Board

This New Year’s charcuterie board is a delicious appetizer board full of preserved meats and finger foods. In my opinion, a charcuterie board should be full of your favorite things to snack on! After all, the favorites will be picked over first anyways, so you might as well load up on everything you love!

  • Dried Fruits: Trader Joe’s has endless options for dried fruit. Dried apple slices and dates would also be beautiful on this board. Be creative and choose anything you like!
  • Crackers: Crackers are perfect for snacking. I like to pick smaller crackers, but you can use whatever you like! Small crostini are yummy too! Butter crackers and wheat thins are a few more ideas that are great.
  • Preserved Meats: We are definitely putting salami on this board, but a few of my other favorites are Proscuitto and Sopressatta. Yum!
  • Cheeses: I love brie on my board! I also loved provolone and sharp cheddar. Again, use whatever you know your family will like best.