Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs


Once you try making hot chocolate with hot chocolate bombs, you’ll never go back. Your hot chocolate will turn out creamy, rich, and packed with deep chocolatey flavor every time! These are great for gift-giving or enjoying on a chilly evening with the family.

I LOVE hot chocolate. It’s one of my favorite things to indulge in for the holidays! Like most desserts, it’s better when you make it from scratch. You’ll have to give my white hot chocolate and cookies and cream hot chocolate a try next. And if you really want to impress at your next get-together, try making a hot chocolate charcuterie board!


Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe

Whoever came up with the idea of hot chocolate bombs, I love you. Although I love my classic hot chocolate recipe, I’m quickly realizing this is one of the best ways to make hot chocolate. What makes this recipe great is the actual chocolate that’s used- not just hot chocolate powder! This is what will give your hot chocolate rich, creamy flavor like you’ve never tried before. I know it sounds like I’m hyping this up quite a bit, but trust me! If you love hot chocolate as much as I do, this is an absolute game-changer and you’re going to be obsessed.

I know it may look kind of tricky, but making hot chocolate bombs is actually really easy! It’s fun, too! I love to get the family in on the fun and them customize their own bombs. (I have some filling ideas below to get you started!) And if you’re looking for a delicious gift to give to your neighbors for holidays, this is it! I mean, come on. Who can resist a creamy cup of hot cocoa?!

Everything Needed to Make Them

Let’s start with the mold! I prefer to use a soft, silicone mold so that the chocolate pops out easily without breaking. From there, you only need a few simple ingredients to make these tasty hot cocoa bombs! It’s so easy. You’re going to love it!

The Recipe Critic Recommendation

Silicone Mold

Silikomart MUL3D148 Silicone Sphere Mold with Transparent Top

A must for making hot chocolate bombs! You can also use sphere-shaped ice molds if they’re big enough.

  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate: I recommend using high-quality chocolate here. It will give your hot cocoa the best flavor and richness! Candy melts work as a substitute.
  • Hot Chocolate Mix: This goes inside the hot chocolate bombs. Use your favorite kind!
  • Mini Marshmallows: A must-add! You can’t go wrong with mini marshmallows.
  • White Chocolate and Sprinkles: (Optional) I used these for decorating the outside of the bombs with. You can also use crushed candy cane for a little extra holiday flair! Note: If you would like a little extra pizazz, you can add sprinkles into the inside of the bombs so they are exposed when the bomb opens in the hot milk!

What Kind of Chocolate Should I Use?

I used bars of premium baking chocolate 56% cacao (Ghirardelli is a great choice!), but chocolate chips or baking chips should work just as well. You can also substitute the semisweet chocolate with white chocolate or milk chocolate if you would like. Customizing the flavor of your hot chocolate bombs is half the fun! White hot chocolate, anyone?


How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

I know it might look like a lot, but making these hot chocolate bombs is actually pretty simple! The most important thing is to have a candy thermometer on hand so you temper your chocolate properly.

Temper Chocolate

  1. Prepare Double Boiler: Set up a double boiler to melt your chocolate; put a large pot of water halfway full on the stove over medium-high heat. Place a heat-proof bowl over the pot that fits on the pot without touching the water.
  2. Temper Chocolate: Chop up your semisweet chocolate and melt it in the double boiler until just melted, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat once nearly all the chocolate has melted and continue to stir it until all the chocolate has melted. Your chocolate should reach about 90℉ do not let it get to 100℉.

Prepare Hot Cocoa Bombs

  1. Prepare Chocolate Spheres: Once your chocolate has melted, fill the cavities of your silicone sphere molds only a tablespoon at first, use a pastry brush to coat the cavities, allow the chocolate to cool to room temperature, about 5-10 minutes. Add another tablespoon of melted chocolate to each cavity and use the pastry brush to coat the wall evenly again. Allow the chocolate to harden completely at temperature for at least 20 minutes. If your melted chocolate begins to harden while you’re waiting for the first layer of chocolate to harden you can place it back on the double boiler to melt it again, but don’t let it sit over the heat for too long, keep it there until it has just melted again.
  2. Add Fillings: Once your chocolate spheres are cooled and hardened, fill half of them with 1 tablespoon of your hot chocolate mix and 1 heaping tablespoon of mini marshmallows.
  3. Assemble Spheres: Wearing gloves, release the unfilled chocolate shells from the mold, but let them rest in the cavities. Paint or pipe a border of melted chocolate onto the edges of the unfilled chocolate cavities and place them on the filled shells to assemble. If your melted chocolate hardens while you’re waiting for the shells to cool, you can place it back on the double boiler to melt it again, but don’t let it sit over the heat for too long, keep it there until it has just melted again.
  4. Remove From Mold: Allow the assembled hot chocolate bombs to cool for 15 minutes before removing from the mold. You can carefully trim any excess chocolate from the joining seam.


  1. Add Decorations: To decorate the outside of the hot chocolate bombs you can dip or drizzle them with melted white chocolate, the remaining chocolate you didn’t use in the bombs, and add sprinkles if desired.

Handling the Hot Cocoa Bombs

I suggest using gloves when working with these bombs to keep the outside clean looking, free of fingerprints, and to keep your hands clean. Don’t handle the bombs too much as they will begin to melt in your hand when held too much.


Using Your Hot Chocolate Bomb

To use the bombs, heat 1 cup of milk per bomb until nearly boiling either in the microwave or on the stove. You can either place the bombs in the bottom of the mug and pour the hot milk over top of it, or fill the cup with milk and place the bomb on top!

How Long Do Hot Chocolate Bombs Last?

Good news is, once your chocolate is tempered it has a nice, long shelf life. Keep your hot chocolate bombs in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. They’ll stay good for 1-2 months!

Can Hot Chocolate Bombs Be Frozen?

Yes! Wrap them in plastic wrap, seal them in a freezer bag, and store for 2-3 months.